Student Reviews

What some of our graduates have to say…

“After spending time in India, I found it crucial to find a yoga teacher training program that incorporated yoga ritual, history, and philosophy at its foundation. The instructors at Hawaii School of Yoga are phenomenal at ensuring that each aspiring yogi learns yoga’s immense history. I am beyond grateful for being a student of the program and for all it taught me about the vast world of yoga. The Hawaii School of Yoga program feels as close as one can get to actually learning in India.” -Kirsten B.

“I was searching for a Yoga Studio near Mililani and found Yoga Loft. I had drifted away from Yoga because I didn’t want to take gym yoga or drive to town so I was excited to find a studio near me. My first class was perfect! I immediately felt at home and realized what I had been missing. The teachers are very knowledgeable, each adding their own style and personality to the classes. I decided to take the Hatha Teacher Training last year, not knowing if I wanted to teach, but knowing I wanted to deepen my understanding of Yoga philosophy and my physical practice of asanas. Training was exceptional. The times were convenient and not too overwhelming or too long. I learned more then I ever thought I would about anatomy, breath, the postures, class structure, the list goes on. I walked away from my training knowing I was ready to share my love of yoga. I am happy to say that I have been teaching for 8 months now and every class I teach I know that Hawaii School of Yoga was the right choice for me. I continue to get the support and help I need from my teachers and school with additional workshops, classes and even one on ones, as I continue my yoga teaching journey. Thank you Hawaii School of Yoga!!” -Denise G.

“The 200hr certification program is a great introduction to yoga. The curriculum is well designed, leading yogis with years of experience as well as novices through a magical journey. It is amazing how many doors personally and professionally this experience has opened for me. A big Mahalo to our dedicated teachers!” -Kristina M.

“I find it cliché to say things like, “this totally changed my life,” but I would be lying if I didn’t say exactly that. I was looking for a Yoga teacher training that was rooted in spirituality; one that would reveal what Yoga really is and help to refine my personal practice. I had no intention of becoming an instructor when I embarked on this journey. The 200-hour Hatha and Tantra training went deep into the true study of Yoga; not simply the postures and anatomy, but also the philosophies, texts, and rituals. Zeny and Lisa’s light-hearted approach and enthusiasm is infectious. The studio immediately transformed into a home, my teachers and classmates became my family. I walked away from this training with a solid personal yoga and meditation practice, a gained confidence and desire to share what I learned with the world, and a new definition of true JOY.” -Angela M.

“I am so glad that I did teacher training with Hawaii School of Yoga. I wish we had more time but I was really surprised how far I grew in such a short period. At first I wasn’t sure that I could teach so I said ‘I’m only here to deepen my understanding for Yoga.’ but now I am definitely confident and eager to start teaching! The confidence came from all the information and training I received. I would definitely recommend Hawaii School of Yoga’s teacher trainings for anyone who is considering becoming a Yoga Teacher.” -Ikumi E.

“The yoga teacher training opened my eyes to the vast expanse of yoga, from poses and meditation to yoga’s rich history. We were taught to be critical thinkers when it came to all things yoga and we were encouraged to live out the yoga philosophy. My personal practice has been deeply enriched and I have been empowered to share what I learned with my friends and anyone I have the privilege to teach. I’m so glad that I took the yoga teacher training from Hawaii School of Yoga!” -Cassie G.

“I loved everything about my teacher training, the workshops, the Yoga Sutras Study and most of all the teaching opportunities that were part of the training.” -Grace C.

“The course as a whole was amazing. At times it was overwhelming because of how much information there is to take in. I wish we could have spent even more time on Tantra…I really liked learning about the chakras and the spiritual teachings of yoga. I learned a tremendous amount and appreciate everything both Zeny and Lisa taught us.” -Jenn D.

“I loved my experience, love the Yoga Loft, love the students who attend, and am very appreciative for both Lisa and Zeny. Wonderful caring people who reflect the true meaning of what it means to be a yogi.” -Hallah N.