Zeny Ogrisseg

School Director

Lead Teacher For:

200 Hour Hatha Yoga and Tantra Teacher Training

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hour Yoga Lifestyle Teacher Training

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Tantra begins where Yoga ends

Zeny Bagatsing Ogrisseg E-RYT 500, Director and Co-Founder of Hawaii School of Yoga, has been a Yoga Teacher for 14 years. With mixed heritage including Indian, Spanish, Filipino and German, she was exposed to many different cultures growing up in the Philippines. Her first yoga experience was listening to her mom chanting “Om” as a child.

Zeny’s yoga classes are noted for  intuitive alignment, creative sequencing, depth in yoga philosophy and spiritual richness.  Her approach to teaching is to create a sacred space for her students that allows them to explore those aspects of Yoga that resonates most deeply with the individual. “For some the asanas are a gateway into the deeper teachings of Yoga, for others they really love mediation.  My job is not to define what yoga should be for others but to offer them a comprehensive view that lets them explore and play.”  She believes in making Yoga as inclusive as possible.  “As long as someone has a pulse, I can teach them Yoga,”  she often says.

Mantra is a big part of her personal practice, and she infuses her classes with the healing power of  chanting. A self-taught musician she plays the piano, harp, harmonium and ukelele.   She is a student  of Russill Paul, recording artist  one of the world’s leading Mantra and Yoga Teachers, with whom she studies  Sanskrit, Vedic Mantra and Tantra.


Zeny’s  Yoga training includes time spent in India, where she went to visit her Indian roots and to study Yoga, Tantra and Mantras. She completed her 500 hour studies in Traditional Yoga studies at the Shri Kali Ashram, in Goa.  Zeny has also completed formal training in Vinyasa Yoga with Shiva Rea, Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa, Tibetan Yantra Yoga with Fabio Andrico, Suspended Arial Yoga with Wendi Lynch, Pilates,  TRX, Zen Meditation Training at the Chozen-ji Temple in Honolulu, Inner Engineering with the ISHA foundation, Nada Yoga with Russil Paul, and 5 years of Taekwondo under Master Jung Kim.

In her free time Zeny enjoys spending time at the beach with her family, preferably submerged underwater or on a surfboard. On dry land she enjoys watching Bollywood Movies and cooking with her sons.